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Kim Kardashian is on Her Way to Becoming an Attorney and We Can’t Keep Calm!

Kim Kardashian, Bar-at-Law? Sounds odd at first, but it does have a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Kim Kardashian is keen on a new career after several years of starring in the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and it’s many subsequent spinoffs. You may remember the associated infamy that came when she launched a multimedia empire, and now, she’s adding on a new responsibility to her overflowing plate. She’s studying to  pass the bar and become a lawyer! Sadly, instead of encouraging her, social media reacted negatively and erupting with jeers. It takes hard work, intelligence diligence, and respectability to be a lawyer, said one Twitter user, and that one can have ambitions, but not one must not overreach. The general perception is that Kim Kardashian’s USP is her voluptuous body and the phenomenon created with it, for her reality show. Anything else requiring intellectual rigor is outside of her purview.

And yet, Kardashian has managed an impressive legal challenge last year, when she convinced President Trump to pardon the prison term of a grandmom named Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving a life sentence without parole, sue to drug-related charges. Kardashian explained that she loved making a difference in somebody’s life, and also realized that she was totally out of her elements. The White House wanted her to assist changing the procedure of clemency, and while deliberating, seated at the Roosevelt Room, she realized the need to know much more. She decided to join a law firm, choosing an apprenticeship to the bar by understudying with a bunch of mentor- lawyers for 4 years, rather than go to law school. Thereafter, if she passes the bar exam, she’s a full-fledged lawyer!

Kim Kardashian’s Legal background

Kardashian’s announcement could be absurd to people as the Kardashian dynasty’s famous behinds, baby drama, outrageous fashion and trashy TV shows have assigned pop culture slots unsuitable to the lawyer life-style, as lacking prestige and smartness. But Kardashian’s background does make sense for this career move. In early TV show episodes, Kim was good at investing and finding dirt on the people she knew, gleefully hacking her boyfriend’s voicemail accounts, only to find them cheating. She released video graphic evidence showing that Taylor Swift lied about Kim’s better half Kanye West. Such skill sets are extremely useful for lawyers.

What about Politics?

Kardashian has become more political, from getting Johnson out of prison, and also campaigning for Hillary Clinton for the 2016 election. The lady is no progressive icon but activist Van Jones, who worked tirelessly to free Johnson, stated that the Kardashian family’s history would strengthen these political efforts. Her father Robert is an accomplished attorney, having defended O J Simpson and she is the mother of 3 mixed-race kids, making a difference on tough social issues.

Reality Strikes?

The other lazy comparison made, would be to President Trump. Like Donald Trump, Kardashian is also a reality TV celebrity who decided taking up something serious and lasting. But she will not run for the presidency without having any political background as she’s educating herself. Kim’s picking up credentials needed to make an impactful difference in the field that awes and inspires her. She wants to fight for those who have paid their dues and truing to make amends to society and felt that the system already in place could be so very different, and she wanted to fight and fix it.  If she knew more, she could easily achieve more.

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