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Let These Celebs Teach You a Thing or Two about Looking Flawless

The beautiful celebrities we see on TV and in movies have their very own beauty aid secrets; from reality TV star Kim Kardashian entering the cosmetics game to actress Gabrielle Union starting her own range of hair care products, so they obviously know what they’re doing. When it comes to beauty aids, celebrities have had to become experts in what they do best as they need always look good for the camera and they share their tips to prove it. Which is why, we’ve collated all of their best secrets that the stars have shared, so that you too can have skin, hair and makeup that is as red-carpet-ready…

Kim Kardashian teaches you to stay blonde

Just by looking at her pale platinum shaded hair, we can imagine that it is not an easy task for Kim to stay blonde, but she managed to find the one mask which helps her preserve her color and beautify her locks at the same time. She goes on record to not lie that being blonde is absolutely high-maintenance. Every few days she undergoes Olaplex No.3 treatment to fortify her hair.

Jessica Chastain shows you the proper way to apply fragrance

Jessica Chastain, as the face of Ralph Lauren Woman line of fragrances says that she usually spritzes scent on her wrists and on the back on her ear lobes, but for special occasions, she uses this genius move: taking a cotton ball, spray it with perfume and then setting it in the center of her brassiere before beginning the day and then throughout the day the body’s heat on the cotton pad helps emit fragrance for a really long time.

Mandy Moore teaches you to glow

Pale skin is never a problem with This is Us actress Mandy Moore. Learning by trial and error, Mandy wishes she had stumbled upon a good spray tan before. Now she says that this is one of her treasured beauty tricks (as a bonus, it keeps her out of the sun). As a younger actress, she regrets showing off her pasty legs on camera and on the red carpet.

Emmy Rossum shows you how to multitask with your beauty products

She swears by the face oil by Burt’s Bees which hydrates her skin and have a natural sheen like your highlighter products. This is just not her night-time routine before hitting the bed but she uses the face oil over her makeup, too. Instead of using highlighter, put some of this face oil above the cupid’s bow, on the cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose; thus ensuring that your skin looks healthy and moisturized at the same time.

Tracee Ellis Ross teaches you how to commit to a signature shade

The star, who personally does her own red-carpet glamour treatments, has taught us many things about beauty and style, but one thing is for sure: a red lipstick is always essential. She swears that she has been wearing MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick ever since she was been attending high school. Of course, she has tried other shades of lippies but for the important events, Ruby Woo it is.

Jennifer Aniston shows you how to find the perfect match by mixing colors

According to Friends star Jennifer Aniston, finding that perfect hue of blush that suits you might require you to mix more than one product. Aniston mixes a trio of hues to create her custom rosy look.  Three cream-blush colors from Bobbi Brown does the trick for her.

Gabrielle Union teaches you how to trust your hairstylist

It may sound rather scary, but Union makes a strong case for trusting your hairstylist’s judgment. For her bob which suited her amazingly, her hairstylist Larry Sims wanted to go shorter than she originally wanted. Union says that she was little nervous about it working because she thought she had big cheeks. But her apprehensions melted away as her stylist made the first few cuts and she quickly realized that this would be one of her best hairstyles yet.

Priyanka Chopra shows you how to prep your skin

What is the secret to the actresses’ always-flawless skin? A Bio-Celluse Treatment Mask from 111Skin. The former Quantico star uses this facial mask even before she puts on any makeup. Because the skin underneath is well nourished and prepped, whatever she puts on her face next, turns out to look flawless.

Ashley Benson teaches you how to hide a pimple

For a busy woman, there’s nothing worse than waking up with a giant red zit that even the best of the concealers cannot mask. But Pretty Little Liars star Ashley has come to know of a neat little eye-drop trick, which might be sitting in your medicine cabinet. She says that putting eye drops on the zit takes the redness away.

Zoë Saldana shares her secret to clear skin

If there is one major skin no-no which actress Zoë Saldana stays away from, it would have to be picking at your skin.  She visited her dermatologist when she was younger who warned her about the damage it could do to her skin. Since then, I’ve been pretty good about it,”

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