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Gorgeous WAGs of NFL Players

In a world where sports figures are celebrated and rewarded with millions upon millions on the payroll, endorsements, and general adoration, NFL superstars are definitely at the top of the heap. This is why by the time they go on their well-earned retirement, their net worth and bank account balances are already sky-high.

But with the demands of their careers, they normally have their hands too full to take care of personal stuff like wealth management and even childcare. This is where their most valuable teammates come in. We are, of course, talking about their WAGs, devoted wives, and girlfriends who run the show behind the scenes. Most of these women are not only very capable, but they’re also beautiful. Some even have more-than-great jobs and hefty savings accounts of their own. Meet the women who really call the shots.

 Kia Proctor – Cam Newton’s girlfriend

Cam Newton is definitely the epitome of the high-flying, NFL baller life. With the massive payroll he receives from his contract, he’s definitely not stingy with his luxury cars, homes, and parties. He’s been dating model Kia Proctor since 2013, who is massively popular in the free website Instagram.

They already have 3 kids together, but Cam is yet to buy Kia an engagement ring. They are quite the happy couple, though, so for now, they are probably contented with their home life.

Brittany Matthews – Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend

Young Patrick Mahomes is currently making waves as the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, which is not at all a surprise as his own father, Pat Mahomes, was also a great sportsman in his time, although he played for Major League Baseball. At only 23, however, Patrick is definitely off the market.

In fact, he’s been dating his girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, since they were both in high school. Despite attending college separately to earn their respective university degrees, the young couple has stayed together through thick and thin. Brittany these days runs her own small business as a personal trainer. Indeed, it won’t be long before Patrick goes shopping for diamond rings.

 Gisele Bündchen – Tom Brady’s wife

It really goes without saying that Gisele Bündchen is the queen of all WAGs. Not only is she one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she is also one of the most successful supermodels there is, growing her bank account to epic amounts with lucrative advertising endorsements and sound investments.

Of course, she and husband Tom Brady are a match made in heaven as Tom himself as the biggest NFL superstar today. Together, they have grown their collective net worth to hundreds of millions of dollars. Best of all, they remain very much in love after almost a decade of marriage.

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