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10 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Your Future House

Choosing a house is everyone’s dream. It is not in vain that people say “my home is my castle”. This simple phrase can explain how serious people approach this matter. As a matter of fact, it is quite serious. After all, you are not buying it for a month. Let alone all the efforts of choosing, time and energy spent on it. So you want to avoid common mistakes and find something that would become your long-term apartment or house. We will give you some tips on how to be better prepared while chasing your life dream.  


When buying a house in a new building, check the constructor and the developer. Former clients can be the most accurate source of information if not the only ones. If the apartments are at the final stage, you can find out about the quality of apartments from tenants. It is necessary to pay attention to the company’s reputation, the duration of its existence, if there are reviews it is another way to learn about the company, its investment and the main delivery of facilities in operation was carried out in time or some problems occurred. All these will help you form an idea of the company you are planning to make the purchase of your life.


The procedure of buying/selling from hand to hand is cheaper, but it is not always so. The knowledge of the legislation, this is what you need to quickly complete the transaction with minimal financial and material losses. This knowledge is distinguished by realtors who have a base of lawyers responsible for the legal purity of the transaction.

Financial negligence

When completing the operation of buying and selling real estate you will deal with a large amount of funds. In connection with this, in the preliminary agreement, it is necessary to clearly stipulate the rules for the transfer of money. It is often a common practice to use banking cells for these purposes. In any case, you should be careful and read all the points in your agreement.

Unsuccessful period of acquisition

Do not rush. It is a big decision and needs second thoughts. Take your time with the final choice of apartment. If you make a decision in the summer – specify if there is an educational institution nearby. You wonder why? Well in the autumn when classes start, almost all the residents of the district start returning from the holidays, in the vicinity, it can be quite noisy. Also, with the return of residents the flow of cars will significantly increase, so pay attention to the location of the highway and possible ways to avoid traffic jams. Yes, the windows build with the new technology might help, but will not give you complete peace if you need your peaceful time after work.

Selecting a location

A beautiful view from the window is another hook of realtors. Do not believe the advertising brochures. Ideally, contact the seller or the developer with a request to show you the plan of development of the territory. Try to carefully examine to see if the location is convenient based on your needs and preferences, any markets nearby etc.

Non-serious approach

The condition and age of the building, that is what you need to and want to pay attention to when choosing an apartment in the secondary market. Invite an independent appraiser, because there might be cracks under the new wallpaper, and the fashionable plumbing can be a fancy way to hide the rotten pipes. Do not get attracted by the design, try to understand the real conditions.

Underestimation of the authorities

It is necessary to check all the redevelopments in the apartments. This should be done by all means, because if something was not agreed before the construction – the authorities in the name of the law can make you bring the property to its former state. This will not only cause you inconveniences but will cost you lots of money.

Lack of awareness of legal nature

Not everyone who calls himself a realtor is one. Ask the agent for his agency contract, make a photocopy and show it to a lawyer. This is a sure way to protect yourself from scammers.

Unsuccessful bargaining

Bargain with the owner or the builder yourself, when displaying the property, if they are present. Do not let the realtor fool you. As practice shows, agents like to say an unreasonable amount.

A mess in the apartment

If you are a seller, allocate time for cleaning the apartment. At first glance, it is a trifle, but it is important enough for potential buyers.

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