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The Body Speaks: How to Learn to Listen to It

Our attitude to any life situation, be it positive or negative, is somehow reflected in the state of our body. The slightest tension or discomfort is the result of some feeling or unsolved problem. Our bodies speak to us. How to learn to recognize these signals and why we need it?

Our body is a subtle instrument. It reacts to all external influences and gives signals if something went wrong in our life. Of course, each of has different ways of manifestation and accordingly our bodies react individually, but there are patterns that are similar for everyone. So, fears become clamps in the body and stoop, constant control – abdominal pain, excessive responsibility – heaviness in the shoulders.

The most difficult thing is to hear and receive the body signal. For this, you need to be honest with yourself. This is the first step. The first and only.

Being honest with yourself means accepting your feelings, living them, not quitting. Some people are afraid of negative emotions – fear, anger or sadness. So they avoid these negative emotions saying: “I will be stronger than this, I will manage”. Today many people think it is fashionable to be a strong person, we “put on masks” trying to hide our feelings. In this state, it is impossible to hear the signals of your body.

As a result, many people notice the problem when the pain becomes unbearable. Then real problems begin with the liver, heart, stomach, spine, etc.

Dialogue with Yourself

Today we pay more attention to form than to content: how we eat, what we wear, what we do, what we have achieved. The form is a kind of self-defense mechanism. With its help, we try to hide the present and thus we set frames. To go beyond the borders of these frames is always difficult. Practice shows that a person holds up to any conditionalities, this can be any invented symbols of success, for some invented purposes.

As a result, people build their lives on resistance and fear, resentment and overcoming. The body contracts, the arteries are pinched, there is no normal blood circulation, the joints do not receive nutrition, but the person does not hear these signals. Ignoring all the signals, people take painkillers in the literal or figurative sense and continue the path to the goal, killing their bodies eventually. In the end, people achieve what they aspired to, but do not feel happy or satisfied. It turns out that all the efforts were an escape from own self. And remember? Our bodies warned us about this.

When a person goes his own way, he grows, develops, becomes wiser. He has no clamps in his body. He moves freely and in an unlimited way. He does not need to resist and overcome himself, he knows that this is his destiny. Strangely enough, but the best defense is openness and honesty. The more open and honest you are the happier you tend to be.

To learn how to feel the signals of the body, you must listen to yourself, analyze your true desires. You can work with the body by means of conversation.

Talk to yourself:

– Today I do not want to go to work because I’m tired.

– Why am I tired?

– Maybe because I overcharged myself.

– Why did I take too much?

– Maybe because I want to be someone else.

– Why do I want to be someone else?

– If I’m not someone else, they will not love me.

– And whose love do I need?

– Where and when else did I experience a similar feeling?

– I remember that from my childhood. I so missed the love of mom and dad.

After such a conversation, the body will relax, because you told yourself the truth. You were honest with yourself.

Instead of talking to ourselves, we surround ourselves with work, and not with human warmth. Work and success do not give warm to us. It can only be given by a family or loved ones.

The car and the apartment are worthy goals. Just ask yourself why do you need them?

No, there is no need to give up on material wealth. Just ask yourself why you need them. You can kill yourself at the workplace, or even at more than one workplace, take on a lot of work, take a loan and buy an expensive car. But it will not be your car. And you can buy an inexpensive one, but which will be yours and to own that car you do not need to prevail against yourself. An expensive and cheap car ride the same. If you need a car as means of transportation for yourself and loved ones to get from point A to point B, you should not overpower yourself.

No one forces you to quit your job. But it should bring pleasure, help grow and improve. There are some people who can not work for someone else. For them, it equals to a penal servitude. And they are honest with themselves. They work for themselves. If they get hired by some large organization, they regard it as a kind of personal training, the opportunity to learn something and gain important experience.

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