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How to Get Rid of Food Addiction: 10 Methods (Part 2)

In the first part of this article, we discussed what the most powerful dependence that overtook us is. we also mentioned three methods that could help you overcome the terrible dependence. We move and present a few more in the second part of the article.

Method number 4. Find an alternative

Do you want to get rid of addiction to the yummy? After all, the rest of the food is something you have more or less within the framework of proper nutrition? It’s easier than you think.

In addition to the fact that advertising and marketing work fine the dependence on the pleasure caused by food is also developed. Sweet chocolates make us feel physically happier and satisfied.

It is necessary to get rid of food addiction to have fun in this way!

It is very important to know that the principle by which dependence on food is developed is the same as that of alcohol or drug dependence. The substances that enter the body cause a feeling of euphoria. There is a release of the “joy hormone”, and the person experiences bliss.

But, unlike narcotic or alcohol addiction, to get rid of food “servitude”, you do not need to completely exclude the tasty ones from the menu. It is enough to replace them with other products.

So, get rid of addiction to food will help nuts and raisins; dried apricots, dates, bananas; marshmallow; any fruits and berries, watermelons and melons, sweet pumpkin. Do not you believe that it can be delicious? Well, try to make a cottage cheese casserole: Cottage cheese 5% fat content – 500 gr., 2 eggs, a glass of unsweetened yogurt, 3 tablespoons of semolina, cinnamon.

Mix all. Take 2 ripe banana – crush with a fork/grate. Stir in the resulting mass. The resulting mixture is poured into a silicone form. Bake at a temperature of 220 degrees 15-20 minutes.

After all, if you completely take out sweets from your diet, a breakdown is inevitable. Eliminate dependence on food, using a soft and rational approach.

Method number 5. Find a hobby

Do you spend the evening in front of the TV? Well, how much cookies can you eat for these few hours? Some people can eat up to a kilogram of cookies and a half kilo of candy. But why? Because while you are engaged in a passive activity, the hand just stretches for delicious. Thus, the dependence on food is involuntarily formed.

A new hobby will help you get rid of addiction to food. And no, if you thought of reading a book, unfortunately, it is not suitable.

What might be suitable is: dancing, fitness, going to a gym, embroidery, knitting, any musical instrument, language learning etc.

Yes, anything, just to prevent thoughts about food. You’ve noticed: when you are busy with something, the dependence of food pushes itself to the background. Now your task is to awaken the interest in life. After all, dependence on food is observed in people who do not have hobbies.

You need to get rid of the habitual way of life. If earlier your weekday evening looked like watching a favorite TV series and a plate of chips/candy/other harmful tasty things, then now you’re embroidering beads or dancing in a club of salsa lovers. You do not even have time for snacks!

Method number 6. Leisure Activities

To get rid of addiction to food properly organized leisure can help you. Do you like to meet your friends for a beer with pizza on Saturday? Well, you will have to get rid of this habit and choose a more active leisure, such as where it is simply indecent to eat. You are wondering what kind of entertainment can this be? Well here is a few for you to consider: bowling, billiards, horseback riding, theater (try to eat pizza in the theater – will be your last time wanting to eat anything in a theater), disco and karaoke, assuming that the mouth is occupied with songs, not with food, swimming pool.

You can also try to walk more often. While you are having fun, you will forget about food. So, step by step, you will be able to get rid of the diction. Be active, be involved in the process. After all, enjoying laughter, games involving movements or dancing is much fun. And this will be a great stage, which will help you to get rid of such misfortune as dependence on food. 

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