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The Truth And Myths about Cold And Flu

The most important thing is to distinguish between cold and flu. Influenza can be caused only by a virus. Every year new varieties appear, some of them are life-threatening. Colds, or rather, ARVI (Acute respiratory viral infections), are also more often caused by viruses, but less dangerous, they are rarely caused by bacteria. Cold in both cases contributes to a decrease in immunity, which increases the likelihood of the disease.

The Body Cannot Protect Itself from Viruses

It is a myth. Such a delusion is deliberately spread by manufacturers of funds for the prevention of cold and flu. They claim that without their miracle pill you will definitely get sick, and with it the risk of getting sick decreases. In most cases, the placebo effect can work. Our immune system already reflects most of the attacks of bacteria and viruses. And you can strengthen it more wisely not with the help of pills, but through proper nutrition. After all, more than 70% of the cells of the immune system is in the intestine.

Eat fruits and seasonal vegetables rich in vitamin C (citrus, kiwi, parsley), foods rich in iron (fresh vegetables, egg yolk, whole grains) and probiotics (yogurts and other fermented milk products). Limit drinks containing tannins (wine, tea, coffee) – they interfere with the proper assimilation of iron. And do not eat too fatty and sweet things. And lastly, for strong immunity, it is extremely important to get enough sleep.

To Recover You Need to Eat As Much As Possible

It is a myth. Of course, fasting during illness is not worth it. The body needs the energy to fight inflammation. However, there is also no need to use force – the body will beep when he needs food. If there is no feeling of hunger, it is unnecessary to cram food into itself – its digestion involves the resources of the body that could be used to fight the disease. But you need to drink liquid as much as possible.

It Is Necessary to Ventilate The Room Every Day

It’s true. Airing will literally drive out the microbes that we bring every day on our hands, clothes, and shoes. It is recommended to open the windows every morning for 10 minutes. The earlier, the better: in the morning the air in the city is less polluted.

My Child Is Sick, I Will Get Sick Too

It is a myth. Up to 6-7 years, children often get sick, since their immune system is not yet developed. “Parents are afraid of getting infected from the child, and their fears can become a reality because of the psychosomatic features,” naturopaths say.

In comparison with children’s immunity, an adult can resist more bacteria and viruses, but it is still important to follow certain rules:

– wash hands often;

– do not kiss or hug the infected person;

– as an additional prophylaxis, you can take 30 drops of grapefruit seed extract 3 times a day.

Walking in Frosts Lead to Cold

It is a myth. The less we move and the less we are on the street, the higher the risk of getting sick. The movement supports the optimal metabolism, and regular winter walks temper the body. On the street, the risk of catching a cold or flu is just less than in enclosed spaces – crowded shopping centers, warm apartments and offices, cinemas.

Important: in frosts, you need to dress properly. To sweat in the street in too warm clothes is even more dangerous than to freeze. In frost, minus 15 degrees, wear three layers of clothing: cotton or thermal underwear, a warm sweater and trousers, a down jacket or a fur coat.

During Epidemics You Need to Wipe Your Hand with Antibacterial Gel

True and myth. It will not be unnecessary, but only if you do not have the opportunity to wash your hands with warm water and soap. All antibacterial gels weaken the natural protective barrier of the skin of the hands. However, in periods of epidemics, it is useful to keep such a gel in the handbag and the desk drawer. In addition, it is important to wear gloves in transport, not to touch your face with hands and minimize handshakes.

It Is Necessary to Regularly Wash The Nose

It’s true. Washing your nose with saline is beneficial, even if you do not have a cold. In autumn and winter, this should become the same habit as brushing your teeth in the morning and in the evening. Physics solution will help to neutralize microbes on the nasal mucosa.

If the nose is already congested, inhalation with essential oil of eucalyptus will help. Dissolve 3-4 drops in warm water and inhale the fragrance for a few minutes.

Medications Help You Get Better Soon

True and myth. You need to consult a doctor. But remember that antibiotics are useless in the case of a viral infection, and most cold medicines, for example, soluble powders based on paracetamol (acetaminophen), help only to alleviate the symptoms but do not affect the recovery. And yet, if you do not heal at all, the risk is high to get a complication.

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