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Abandoned Train Station Transformed Into a Luxury Hotel!

The Canfranc International Railway Station is located in the Spanish Pyrenees, near the French border. Built in the early 20th century, the station was once a bustling hub for international train travel. However, it was abandoned in the 1970s and decayed for decades – that is, until a group of investors decided to transform the abandoned station into a luxury hotel.


The Canfranc International Railway Station was built in the early 20th century and was once the largest railway station in Europe. It was designed to be a gateway between Spain and France and to facilitate international trade and travel.

Barceló/ CNN | Canfranc Station was a magnet for photographers both professional and amateur photographers

During World War II, the station played a key role in helping refugees escape from Nazi-occupied France. However, the station began to decline in the 1960s and 70s as train travel became less popular and more people began to travel by car and airplane.

The Station’s Abandonment

After the decline of train travel, the Canfranc International Railway Station was abandoned and left to decay for decades. The station fell into disrepair and was eventually closed off to the public.

The massive building was left to the mercy of the elements, and vandals and squatters took over the abandoned structure. Once a bustling hub of activity, the station’s grand hall became a dark and eerie space filled with rubble and debris.

Renovation and Transformation

In the early 2000s, a group of investors saw the potential in the abandoned station and began planning its renovation and transformation into a luxury hotel. The renovation was a massive undertaking, and it took years of work to transform the dilapidated building into a functioning hotel.

Barceló/ CNN | Escape the everyday at this beautiful hotel

The investors worked with architects, engineers, and preservationists to ensure the historic building was restored to its former glory while being updated with modern amenities.

A Luxury Hotel

Today, the Canfranc International Railway Station is a luxury hotel that blends historic charm with modern comfort. The grand hall has been transformed into a stunning lobby and reception area with high ceilings, marble floors, and elegant furnishings. The hotel has 104 rooms, each with its unique character and design. The rooms are spacious and luxurious, with comfortable beds, modern bathrooms, and stunning views of the Pyrenees mountains.

The hotel also features a spa, gym, indoor pool, and several restaurants and bars. The restaurants serve traditional Spanish and French cuisine, and the bars offer a variety of cocktails and wines from the region. The hotel also offers a variety of activities for guests, including hiking, skiing, and mountain biking.

Barceló/ CNN | After years of regeneration, Canfranc Station welcomed its first guests in January 2023

Preservation of History

One of the most impressive aspects of the Canfranc International Railway Station’s transformation into a luxury hotel is the preservation of its historic features. The grand hall, with its high ceilings and elegant columns, has been restored to its original grandeur. The hotel’s architects and engineers worked tirelessly to preserve the building’s historic features, including the original ticket counters, clocks, and signs.

The Canfranc International Railway Station’s transformation from an abandoned relic to a luxury hotel is a testament to the power of preservation and innovation. The historic building has been given new life, and it now serves as a stunning example of how old structures can be repurposed and transformed into something new and beautiful.

The Canfranc International Railway Station’s transformation also reminds us of the importance of preserving historic structures and landmarks for future generations.

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