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College Loans are Not an Issue for Students Helped by these Famous Celebrities

Student loans are a rising problem in the United States.  Having a college degree is one ticket so you can get ahead and fulfill your dream of becoming a financial success.  For this reason, more and more Americans enroll at universities to get a degree, even if it means that they need to get a student loan and wallow in debt for a really long time.  But did you know that there are ways to go to college without being buried in debt? Getting a scholarship is one way, and as it turns out, there are famous celebrities who are making a difference by giving financial assistance to people who aim to get higher education.

Taylor Swift

There is no doubt that Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars in music.  She holds the record for being youngest artist ever signed by the Sony/ATV Music publishing house.  Some of Swift’s biggest hits are the songs Love Story, You Belong with Me, Shake it Off, and Blank Space.  Because she got interested in music at a young age, Swift wasn’t able to study in a college, which may be the reason why the singer is helping others get a college degree.  Being one of music’s top earning singers, it did not hurt for Swift to part with $1,989 that she gave to her fan Rebekah Bortniker back in 2015, to help pay her student loan. Along with the money, Swift also gave Bortniker a package containing a necklace and the singer’s painting.

Tyra Banks


Tyra Banks has been working for a very long time now, starting a modeling career at only 15 years old.  She is notable for being the first African American woman to be featured on the covers of GQ and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The supermodel did not just achieve success in the fashion industry; she also hit the jackpot as a TV personality and producer.  Banks was not able to get a college education, but was only able to finish high school at the all-girls private school Immaculate Heart High School, which is located in Los Angeles, California.  The supermodel gives back by helping young girls with their education. Banks has been financially assisting those who want to attend the Immaculate Heart High School since 1992.

LeBron James

LeBron James, also known as King James, is hailed by many as the greatest basketball player in history.  The fans of Michael Jordan must disagree, but the jury is still not out on this one.  Because of his success in the sports, James gained a massive net worth amounting to $450 million.  Despite his current celebrity status, James has remained humble, even sharing his financial blessings through his LeBron James Family Foundation.  The requirement to be qualified for the basketball star’s education scholarship is for a student to get a 3.0 average upon the start of his or her senior year in high school.  If this has been achieved, the student will be entitled to a full college tuition scholarship to the University of Akron.

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