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How Felicity Huffman’s Tore Down & Recreated Her Childhood Home

As soon as you see the Little Woody Creek, Colorado home of Felicity Huffman and William H Macy, you would want to go on a vacation there, snuggle up in the bed of one of its beautiful rooms while enjoying the view you can see through the windows of the mountain ranges.  Because that is what the couple’s home invokes and appears to be – as if  permanently on a vacation.

It’s Felicity Huffman’s Childhood Home

When Huffman and Macy speak about their new home, they lovingly refer to it as the ‘old-new house’.  And the reason behind that term is a story so touching it might melt your heart.  The property was originally owned by Huffman’s mother, and is the same place where the actress spent her childhood and grew up in with her sisters.  Living in her old-new home, therefore, is like a dream come true for Huffman.

The Love Story that Led to the Purchase

Most couples deemed as ‘power couples’ in Hollywood are those who earn millions of dollars, are very influential, and are always trending on social media – but for Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy, they are literally a power couple in the sense that both are talented and award-winning actors.  Not to mention they show great staying power in marriage, since they’ve been married for 20 years (plus 15 years as a couple).  But theirs was a complicated love story, with Huffman turning down Macy’s wedding proposal a couple times before finally giving in.  It was a challenge that Macy faced bravely since winning meant being married to the love of his life forever – and he did win, in 1997 the two said their “I do’s” on the lawn of Huffman’s childhood home.

Consequently when Huffman’s childhood home went up for sale, Macy suggested for them to buy it.  After all, the place holds great memories for them both because of the wedding, but most especially for Huffman who will have the opportunity to hold on to the place where most of her childhood memories were made.

They Had to Tear Down the Original House

Huffman’s childhood home was not that big, although the entire property is huge.  The house itself was built in the 1950s, and sadly it was not properly maintained.  Even with the actress’ delight on being able to live in again to where she grew up as a child, she had to admit the fact that after the sale, inspection declared the house not fit to live in anymore.  But Huffman loved her childhood home, so what she and Macy did before the place had to be torn down was to take a lot of photos of it.  They also requested their architect from the third-generation Divide Creek Builders , as well as their interior designer Lonni Paul, to spend time inside the old house first because the couple’s aim was for it to be replicated.

The Couple was Hands-On with the Building Process

The product of Huffman and Macy’s new home building can be called one that’s from a place of love, since the couple was very hands on with it.  They were present from the demolition of the place because they really wanted the house to end up looking how they wanted it to be.  Huffman and Macy did not want this new project to become like the first two houses they previously owned – with a few regrets about some decisions they made and the people they hired.

A ‘Nostalgic’ and ‘No-Regrets’ Moment

When Huffman and Macy stepped inside their old-new house for the first time after it was completed, they knew right away that there’s no, nor ever will be, feeling of regret.  They loved everything about it, even the chandeliers situated in the living area, which according to Macy he thought he would replace at first but once the other furniture in the house were brought it, it looked just perfect for the space.  For Huffman, she felt nostalgia when she entered the door, hearing the sound of the brook she’s been familiar with when she was younger, seeing the trees her younger eyes had grown accustomed to seeing from the window.  The actress felt like she stepped into a time machine that transported her back to her childhood, even reminiscing all the weddings that took place in the lawn, including her own.

A Hollywood Version of her Childhood Home

Although the house has moved just slightly from its original location, 100 feet specifically, and it is a lot bigger than Huffman’s childhood home, it’s basically a replica of it – the couple calls it the Hollywood version of the previously humble and simple home.  When Huffman used to live at the old house, she shared one bathroom with her 6 sisters, now each of the 5 bedrooms in the house has it’s own.  What used to be the highlight of her childhood home, the bright yellow kitchen cabinets of Huffman’s mom, did not fit in the old-new house, so they placed it instead in Macy’s woodworking shop and not in the main house.  From any angle Huffman looks at the old-new house, it looks magnificent and brings back a lot of her childhood memories.

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