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The best thing about being rich and famous is being able to afford the finest things in life. What better way to spend their hard-earned money than by buying a grand home (or several!) and going all out into making it the nest egg of their dreams?

And thanks to their hefty bank accounts, they need not worry about having to get a mortgage or a loan. In fact, they have more than enough to go as crazy and ostentatious as they want—and still have room to get home insurance to boot! Here are some of our favorite celebrity homes. All values mentioned here are estimates, as the stars are quite tight-lipped about their money!

Bob Lanier – Price Undisclosed, Arizona

After making it to the ‘NBA’ All-Star team eight times and becoming a coach with a hefty contract, Bob Lanier had most things going his way. So, it is not surprising that the former ‘Milwaukee Bucks’ star was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Bob searched for several stunning properties before zeroing down on an elegant estate in Scottsdale, Arizona. Although the details of his humble home are not available, anyone can bet that it’s as exquisite as his previously-owned mansion in River Oaks. It is here that the retired player breathed his last in May 2022.

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