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51 Celebrities & Their Huge Net Worth

Everybody is well aware of the fact that celebrities earn a lot of money, but knowing the actual figures of their wealth stored in their bank accounts, still gets a shocked response from people.  From Hollywood actors to the most talked-about people in technology – these guys will surely not find themselves dealing with loans and mortgages any time soon because of how rich they are.

Some of these well- known people, specifically those who became millionaires quickly, just woke up one day with a bright idea then hit the jackpot.  Here is a list of celebrities with big net worths, who are here to inspire you to dream big (in terms of cars and real estate too!

Rafael Marquez, Net Worth ~ $25 Million

Mexican sports personality Rafael Marquez is definitely an achiever after a stellar football career. Rafael, dubbed the greatest Mexican footballer, may have retired from the game now but with a net worth of over 20 million dollars, he sure won’t be looking for another job anytime soon.

His career spanned over 21 years and he appeared in over 500 matches for both his country and club.  For his efforts, he earned enough to set him off for life and is still a big celebrity in his football-crazy country.


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