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Famous Celebrities Who Died Without Anyone Noticing – One Of Them Was An Oscar Winner

In this day of social media and easily accessible information, celebrity deaths are almost always known throughout the world in a matter of minutes from the time of death. Sometimes, however, there are celebrity deaths that fall through the cracks, shocking us whenever we hear about them belatedly.

Perhaps their families are just really good at keeping things under wraps or perhaps people just weren’t paying attention—who really knows? All we can do is hope that they left behind a fat bank account or real estate properties or generous life insurance policies for the families they left behind.

Patrick Swayze – Pneumonia and pancreatic cancer

Talented actor and dancer Patrick Swayze was known for his iconic roles in the 1980’s cult classics like Dirty Dancing and Ghost. He passed away in September 2009 due to pneumonia, which was a complication of his long battle with pancreatic cancer.

He was said to have smoked 60 cigarettes a day. He is survived by his wife, Lisa Niemi, who inherited all his money, cars and real estate.

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