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Jaw Dropping Celebrity Cars That Surely Need Expensive Car Insurance

Cars are very important for celebrities because it sort of signifies their current status and possibly how wealthy they are. So, in this material world, it’s always interesting to know which cars famous celebs are driving around in. We wonder if these stars also have to worry about auto loans, auto insurance, or liability insurance, just like us.

Probably not! What we found out has surprised us, and it will surely surprise you, too.  Because, for some stars, their vehicle of choice is outrageously extra, while other celebs do not seem to care about how cheap their vehicles are;

Emma Watson – Cadillac Escalade, ~ $95K

In the realm of Hollywood, Emma Watson has earned fame as one of the finest actresses, and needless to say, most of it comes from her performance in the Harry Potter film series. You may find it surprising that the innocent looking Hermione is quite a car enthusiast in real life and owns an impressive fleet that includes a Toyota Prius ($30K), an Audi S3 ($43K), and a Cadillac Escalade ($95K).

While Emma uses the other two for casual outings, her Cadillac remains saved for special events. Oh yes, the actress is smart enough and has bought car insurance for all her four-wheeled beauties!

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