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These Old Celebrities Are Still Alive and Kicking Hard

One of the pitfalls of stardom is that it is temporary. One minute, you may be at the top, while the next, you are all but forgotten. Very few live on to become legends, or even at the very least, achieve infamy. Most just fizzle away slowly, taking smaller and smaller roles until they drop out of the limelight altogether. More often than not, the public just assumes that these aging stars have passed away when really, some are just quietly settling into retirement, like the stars on our list!

Many of them are just happy living off the net worth they’ve amassed over the years and efficiently managed by financial advisors. However, there are also those who had no choice but to cash in their life insurance policies. And of course, there’s a select few that had to get legal advice from an attorney for a myriad of reasons. So read on to find out if your old favorite made the cut.

Ali MacGraw – 81 years old

Ali MacGraw gained popularity in the late ’60s as an actress. She gained her credentials because of her notable performance in a movie called Goodbye, Columbus. Later on, she proved to her fans that she is indeed a talented actress after she gave an honorable performance in another movie called Love Story. For this role, Ali MacGraw also won an award for Best Actress at the Golden Globes. In her life there was a time when she was one of the top female actresses across the world. Today, she is not active in the acting industry anymore but she still gets to enjoy her hard-earned bank balance of approximately $6 million. She made a comeback in 2017 when she appeared in a documentary called Passion & Poetry.

Laura San Giacomo – 57 Years Old

Laura San Giacomo grew to prominence in the late ‘80s and ‘90s. Fittingly enough, her portfolio features movies like Pretty Woman. Meanwhile, she’s also played in series like Just Shoot Me!, and most recently, NCIS. Laura’s been married twice, but only ever had one son.

Ever since her son’s cerebral palsy diagnosis, she’s devoted her life to children with disabilities. In fact, on top of acting in Violet in 2020, she’s also operating the CHIME elementary school in California, which she founded in 2001, and now has anywhere around 700 students.

Al Pacino – 92 years old

Actors Studio alumnus Al Pacino started out his career on stage and aren’t we glad that he switched over to star in movies. So, now we can watch any of the veteran actor’s iconic roles; Frank Serpico, Vincent Hanna, Tony Montana or his most famous role of all, Michael Corleone from the classic Godfather trilogy.

With a career spread across five decades, Pacino is one of those rare actors who has won the ‘Triple Crown of Acting’ (a Tony, an Oscar, and an Emmy), apart from many other awards and accolades. With his 2019 releases, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Irishman becoming huge box-office draws, there’s no time to plan his retirement!

Bob Barker – 94 years old

Everybody knows Bob Barker as the prolific host and TV personality who hosted The Price is Right for decades, as well as being a staple in beauty pageants.

However, he has considerably slowed down in the last decade or so owing to several health crises. Despite having life insurance, this has prompted him to embrace retirement instead.

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