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You’ll Be Shocked to Know What These Celebrity Kids are Up to Now!

Growing up is hard. It’s twice as hard when one has famous parents as these kids have to power through growing pains while being in the limelight. After all, it is not all fun and games when they are stalked by paparazzi and their every antic is front-page news. It is no wonder why some children of celebrities end up having substance abuse problems needing addiction treatment.

Some grow up to have dysfunctional relationships ending in divorce. Truly, sometimes a huge trust fund is the last thing that a child needs. But then there are also those who listened to their parents, lawyers, and financial advisors and are doing quite well for themselves in entertainment and their chosen fields. Take a look at how these celebrity kids are faring so far

Mariska Hargitay and Amaya Josephine

Acting star Mariska Hargitay has had an overly flourishing career with the long-running TV series Law and Order: Special Victims Unit for which she has been the recipient of several accolades. And the same can be said for her personal life!

Together with her husband Peter Hermann, who is on the show’s cast too, the actress adopted a beautiful daughter Amaya back in 2011. Her family has been uniquely perfect since then! The mother of three was even able to attend her birth and 8 years later, she has grown up into an adorable girl who loves to accompany her mom on special events.

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