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You’ll Be Shocked to Know What These Celebrity Kids are Up to Now!

Growing up is hard. It’s twice as hard when one has famous parents as these kids have to power through growing pains while being in the limelight. After all, it is not all fun and games when they are stalked by paparazzi and their every antic is front-page news. It is no wonder why some children of celebrities end up having substance abuse problems needing addiction treatment.

Some grow up to have dysfunctional relationships ending in divorce. Truly, sometimes a huge trust fund is the last thing that a child needs. But then there are also those who listened to their parents, lawyers, and financial advisors and are doing quite well for themselves in entertainment and their chosen fields. Take a look at how these celebrity kids are faring so far

Dakota Brinkman – Part-Time Actor

Throughout her life, Melissa Gilbert only ever had two sons. Dakota is her oldest one. She had him with Bo Brinkman, and although their marriage didn’t last, the bond she created with Dakota surely did. Dakota didn’t wind up following his mom’s footsteps; in fact, he’s been doing a good job keeping away from the spotlight.

He’s played in Laws of Deception in the ‘90s, and most recently in the short film called Shay in 2016. Melissa occasionally shares pictures of her children on her Instagram page. Meanwhile, she’s now going to be playing on When We Last Spoke.

Sistine Stallone – Model

As the daughter of action star Sylvester Stallone and former model Jennifer Flavin,  Sistine Stallone was sure to go one way or the other. She chose to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

She is currently signed with IMG Models and has become a fashion icon of sorts with a huge Instagram following. She is rumored to be dating British actor, Gregg Sulkin.

Chance King – Show Host

Chance King, son of talk show legend Larry King, is following in his father’s footsteps and pursuing a career as a talk show host. He is currently hosting his own baseball show, but who knows?

He may be a worthy successor to his dad’s extremely popular talk show yet. That is if the young man doesn’t develop drug addiction along the way.

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