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Fashion Pieces Every Working Woman Should Invest In

At the age of 30, majority of us have already found a steady job we can grow into. Working hard and studying for the job are not the only factors that can get us that promotion. There are many more things that we should consider, and that includes how we carry and project ourselves in the workplace.

It’s true that nothing in this world is permanent. Everything comes and goes and life is fleeting. But that doesn’t mean our wardrobe has to suffer because of this. If fleeting fashion is the reason for not investing in quality items, then let this article be a guide for that. Here are the top classic pieces that a working women should have to bring their A-game to work.


One of the wardrobe staple we should not think twice before buying is a good and reliable LBD or little black dress. LBD’s are very versatile and uber classy. It can be worn to work or gatherings outside work. Black dresses can be worn as it is or it can be accessorized by huge chunky jewelry. No matter how we want to wear it, an LBD is never not a good idea. Just make sure that the dress fits and compliments the body, in the best way possible.

Working bag

When we say working bag, we say classic working bag. We shouldn’t carry backpacks nor studded shoulder bags. Choose a bag with a sleek and clean design to always look professional. It should also serve as an accessory and at the same time a convenient bag which is why choosing the size of it matters. It doesn’t need to be from expensive brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. There are brands with lower price range like Charles & Keith and Nine West that will perfectly do the job.

White button down

It’s hard to imagine how a working woman with no white button down can even survive. This is a very classic and important piece from everyone’s closet. White button downs are very easy to wear, yet it doesn’t make us look sloppy. It can also be paired with almost anything, from jeans to skirts, high heels to flats. Try matching a white button down with black pants and heels, put your hair into a ponytail and complete the look with red lipstick. No one will even notice that it only took us 10 minutes to prepare (wink).

Black jeans

Do we even need to argue about this one? Black jeans will make every top, polo, or blouse look good. It gives a very clean and professional finish. Buy a pair or two of black jeans, now! End of story.

Time piece

Time is money and a good time piece should be worth spending good money on. A classic oversized watch can pull the entire outfit off. Try investing on a gold-band watch with very minimal design. Steer clear from watches with too many stones surrounding the rim and watches with plastic bands. The former is too much while the latter is too plain. Daniel Wellington time pieces are one of the good watches to choose from. It’s classic, elegant and not too pricey.

A good pair of heels

Wearing heels can be very uncomfortable especially for the newbies which is why investing in a good pair is never money down the drain. They can be a very vital piece to our ensemble. It can instantly make an ordinary outfit, extraordinary. Heels can also be symbolic for some women where they feel more empowered and ready to run the world when they are wearing a pair. Just make sure to get the fit and the inches right to avoid discomfort. In terms of color, go for the classic ones like black, red, and sni-toned. And don’t make the mistake of buying too high high-heeled shoes. Not only will it makes it difficult as the day progresses but it can also lose the professional aura of it.

Investing in these classic pieces can not only make us look good all year round but it can also save us from looking like a hot mess. Make sure to prioritize quality as it will affect the longevity of these items. And never forget to incorporate your personal style when sporting these items, as it would still feel like us.

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