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Celebrity Parenting Hacks Revealed: Some of These are Just Brilliant – Part I

That parenting is tough work is not the best-kept secret especially in those awful early years when parents are sleep-deprived and wild-eyed every morning and frantic with worry. It is really overwhelming especially for first-timers and parents can always use all help they can secure while raising their children. After all the life of a child is really enviable, with the parents working hard to ensure that the kids remain in bliss.

From on-time feed and meals to baths, potty training, play dates and play time, school… the list of increasing responsibilities the parents take on, is infinite and that is for just one kid. Multiply that by two or three if you have more kids! Contrary to what you may believe, celebrities are not spared from the hectic joys and frantic pace of life that is thrust upon them hen they become parent. Granted they usually hire help with their homes and kids, but they still want to be there to raise their kids. By doing so, they came up with some amazing advice, which they want to share with you. So here it goes…


Kristin Bell doles out tons of parenting advice after becoming a mom. Our absolute favorite has to be the one about keeping her kids safe as they get out of the car.  ‘Hands on the circle’ is what she says when they jump out of the car. Invented by her sister-in-law, it keeps the kids from harms way from the oncoming traffic while the parent can get down from the car, unload the trunk and then get the kids. A neat solution!


Actress-turned-entrepreneur Sarah Michelle Gellar has a truly awesome hack for ensuring that her kids do not waste drinks or food, as she makes her kids pay up for items wasted! Her daughter would regularly ask for a cup of milk but leave it idle, not drinking it. So Sarah told her that a quarter would be removed from her piggy bank every time she took milk but did not drink it. Someone had to pay for the wasted milk!


Hard to believe that actress Melissa Joan Hart is mom to three boys, so rest assured she has some amazing hacks to make her parenting tasks a tad easier. For instance, her Lego trick, is instructive as she uses a plastic jewelry organizer hanger to hold separate and different Lego kits. Through the transparent packaging, her kids know which piece lies where, so they do not have to dump out the container to get one block. They even have fun putting them away later!


Friendly competition between sisters could never hurt anybody especially when it encourages children to eat their vegetables. Actress Busy Philips uses that strategy with her two young girls Cricket and Birdie. For instance, she comments that Cricket was probably going to finish her carrots up first but then Birdie would try to out-race her. That way both the girls finish their veggies. A great little trick when you have a pair of  competitive and picky eaters in your house!

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